Student Submissions

WritingUnderOath seeks articles from students enrolled in college degree programs:

1. Nonfiction course papers

2. Topics in science, business, philosophy, journalism, literature, etc.

3. New contributions of knowledge to the field of study

When I was an undergraduate student I sometimes received As or even A+s on course papers in a field of nonfiction; in my case, the content was usually philosophical. The professor would often encourage me to “publish,” but the process of finding the right venue seemed daunting. While WritingUnderOath specifically publishes theories of nonfiction, we also seek nonfiction articles on current course content from students.

If you write well, receive consistently good grades on course papers, and your professors recommend that you publish, WritingUnderOath is an excellent venue for your first appearance in print. As such you can include in your curriculum vitae, your resume, your credentials, that your work has been published in a scholarly journal.

If you are one of my students, you may hear me asking you to publish in WritingUnderOath. Over the years I’ve received many excellent, publishable papers from remarkable students. I tell my students that I may not remember your name, but I will always remember what you wrote!

As a peer-reviewed scholarly journal we are always looking for beautifully written articles. We’d like to feature your article in one of the squares on our “Literary Grid.” Your article will be read by PhDs--doctors of literature, rhetoric & composition, creative writing, and print media--for consideration in WritingUnderOath. Your theory will receive notoriety and professionalism in the field of nonfiction.

Include in your submission a brief bio along with a JPEG photo that you would like to see in the literary grid box containing your article. Articles are published unedited in their entirety at the discretion of our readers. Please send articles free of charge for publishing consideration to the following e-mail address:

Student Submissions

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