Editorial Services


Complete Editorial Services for Nonfiction Manuscripts

  1. Dissertations

  2. Books

  3. Brochures

  4. Thesis

  5. Articles

  6. Term Papers

We charge $1 per page for proofreading, grammatical corrections, and in-depth fact checking. We can add literary tweaking to your manuscript to make it more beautiful and readable. We serve students, academics, professionals, businesses.

To submit your manuscript for a price quote and analysis, please provide a $21 reader fee to be deducted from the final cost or your completely edited manuscript. In the event that you choose not to leave your piece with us for editing, your $21 will still get you something of value: A one-page review of the strengths and weaknesses of your writing, where and upon what to focus, and our professional suggestions about the overall potential evolution that your manuscript might achieve.

Please send your manuscript along with a $21 reader fee payable through PayPal via:


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