Curriculum Vitae



Ph.D. Union Institute & University, Creative Writing: Nonfiction: 2006

M.F.A. Goucher College, Journalism: Print Media: 2000

B.S. Philosophy: American Analytical, University at Oneonta/NY: 1991

Professional Positions


Founder and Publisher: WritingUnderOath.com. Scholarly Journal: 2012

Lecturer, SUNY/New Paltz: 2016

Associate Professor: Empire College: 2014

Adjunct Professor, SUNY/Albany: 2012

Rockland Community College, NY: 2012

Adjunct Professor, Fordham University: 2006

Adjunct Professor, Ramapo College of New Jersey: 2003-2010

Adjunct Professor, SUNY/Oneonta: 1999-2006

Adjunct Professor, Morris County Community College: 2004-2010

Editor, Specialty Book Marketing: 1985-2012

Senior Editor, Seeley’s Publications: 1996-1998

Reporter, The Freeman’s Journal: 1994-1996

Reporter, Research Alert, Queens NY: 1989-1992

Commentator, National Public Radio: Marketplace: 1989-1991

Founder and Publisher, Marketing to Women: 1987-1992

Founder and Publisher, 1-800-75 WOMEN Kurtz Research: 1987-1992

Publisher’s Rep, Audubon, Harvard Business Review, Sew News, American Demographics, Curpier Co.: 1982-1988

Professional Associations


Association for the Study of Literature and Environment             

Editorial Freelancers Association

Community, Civic, and Professional Services


Committee On Special Education

Habitat for Humanity

Oblate, Saint John Baptist

Lecture, St. Mary’s Catholic Church

Awards and Recognitions


1992: Boston Marathon, 3:30:38, Women Overall: 349

1991: New York City Marathon, 3:25:33, Women Overall: 219

1991: Academic Achievement Award: Philosophy, SUNY/ Oneonta

Scholarly Activities: Books


2012: Metaphorical Nonfictions @ amazon

2006: Six Stories: Suicide by Jumping; Switchbacks @ amazon

2006: Switchbacks: Ascending the Catskill Mountain High Peaks @ amazon

1990: Marketing to Women in the 1990s. FIND SVP, NYC: 1991

1992: Marketing Cars to Women. Mademoiselle, Conde Nast Publications, NYC: 1990

1990: Marketing Media to Women. Kurtz Research, Oneonta NY: 1988



2012: WritingUnderOath.com. Scholarly Journal. Theories of Nonfiction

1995: Digest for the Successful Aquarium. ed. TetraWerke: Melle Germany

1995: Baseball Card Annual. Specialty Book Marketing, New York NY

1994: Egyptian Book of the Dead: The Book of Going Forth by Day. Text Input. Chronicle Books: SF, CA

Essays and Articles


“Essay Topography.” SNR Review (Winter 2007) http://www.snreview.org/0407Kurtz.html

“Doll Watching: New Faces at Home in Doll City.” Doll Artisan, ed. (Aug/Sep): 1996

“The Right Head for the Job,” Doll Pro, ed. (Jul/Aug): 1996

“Workingwoman.” Marketing to Women 3:4 (Jan.): 1990

“Women of the 90s.” Marketing to Women 3:5     (Feb.): 1990

“Home Decorating.” Marketing to Women 3:6 (Mar.): 1990

“Tidbits.” The Women’s Poll, ed. 3:4 (Jan.) USA Today: 1990

“Women Entrepreneurs.” The Women’s Poll, ed. 2:13 (Oct.) USA Today: 1989

“Women and Their Jobs.” The Women’s Poll, ed. 2:12 (Sept) USA Today: 1989

“Saving Money.” The Women’s Poll, ed. 2:11 (Aug.) USA Today: 1989

“Time is a Valuable Resource.” The Women’s Poll, ed. 2:10 (July) USA Today: 1989

“Entering Male Professions.” Marketing to Women 2:1 (Jan.): 1989

“Cosmetics for Career Women.” Marketing to Women 2:2 (Feb.): 1989

“Convenience Nutrition.” Marketing to Women 2:3 (Mar.): 1989

“Media Habits.” Marketing to Women 2:4 (Apr.): 1989

“On Trial.” Marketing to Women 2:5 (May.): 1989

“Modern Motherhood.” Marketing to Women 2:6 (Jun.): 1989

“The Nurse Curse.” Marketing to Women 2:7 (Jul.): 1989

“Unarmed Forces.” Marketing to Women 2:8 (Aug.): 1989

“Baby Jamboree.” Marketing to Women 2:9 (Sep.): 1989

“Women of the Cosmos.” Marketing to Women 2:10 (Oct.): 1989

“Self Health.” Marketing to Women 2:11 (Nov.): 1989

“Compendium of Trends.” Marketing to Women 2:12 (Dec.): 1989

“Planning for Happiness.” WomenScope: Surveys of Women 2:4 (Jan.): 1988

“Strutting Around.” WomenScope: Surveys of Women 2:5 (Feb.): 1988   

“Bookwormen.” WomenScope: Surveys of Women 2:6 (Mar.): 1988

“Marketing Newspapers to Women.” WomenScope: Surveys of Women 2:7 (Apr.): 1988   

“Stealthy Wealthy.” Marketing to Women 2:8 (May): 1988

“Steam Bath Mummies.” Marketing to Women 2:9 (Jun.): 1988

“The Tax Ax.” Marketing to Women 2:10 (Jul.): 1988

“Marketing Magazines to Women.” Marketing to Women 2:11 (Aug.): 1988

“Canadian Cosmetics.” Marketing to Women 2:12 (Sept.): 1988

“Marketing Radio to Women.” Marketing to Women 2:13 (Oct.): 1988

“Penwomanship.” Marketing to Women 3:2 (Nov.): 1988

“Compendium of Trends.” Marketing to Women 3:3 (Dec.): 1988

“Women Will Elect the Next President.” Marketing to Women (July): 1987

“New Sexual Revolution and Fertility.” Marketing to Women 1:1 (Oct.): 1987

“Women in the Year 2000.” Marketing to Women 1:2     (Nov.): 1987

“Facts About Childcare.” Marketing to Women 1:3 (Dec.): 1987

Papers and Professional Presentations


1999: “Natural History of the Adirondacks,” Huntington Library Lecture Series, Oneonta NY

1990: “Women in the 1990s,” Annual Kentucky Riverboat Cruise, Redbook, New York NY

1989: "Marketing Newspapers to Women,” Scripps Howard, Editor’s Conference, Cincinnati

Writing Consultations


2005: Scholarship, Narrative Journalism, Conference, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA

1998: Goucher College: Richard Selzer, Edmund Morris, Tracy Kidder, William Least Heat Moon, John McPhee, Vivian Gornick, Susan Orlean, Mark Singer      

1999: Goucher College: George Plimpton, Joyce Carol Oats, Tom French, Barry Lopez, Terry Tempest Williams, Gay Talease, Alex Kotlowitz, Madison Smartt Bell

Interviews and Commentaries


“Beware the Investor,” Finance Series part V, Entrepreneurial Woman (Jan/Feb): 1991

1989: “The Future of Women.” Lecture Series with: Planned Parenthood with Faye Waddleton, Pres., Betty Friedan, Ada Deer, Wilma Mankiller, Chief Cherokee Nation. Windows on the World, World Trade Center, New York NY

“Advertising to Women.” Marketplace. American Public Radio (Jan.): 1991   

“Business Travel.” Marketplace. American Public Radio (Feb.): 1990

“Daughter and Family Business.” Marketplace. American Public Radio: (Mar.): 1990

“Day Care Health Insurance.” Marketplace. American Public Radio (Apr.): 1990   

“Diversity.” Marketplace. American Public Radio (May): 1990   

“Forms and Colors.” Marketplace. American Public Radio (Jun.): 1990   

“Going to the Movies.” Marketplace. American Public Radio (Jul.): 1990

“Handwriting.” Marketplace. American Public Radio (Aug.): 1990   

“Lingerie.” Marketplace. American Public Radio (Sep.): 1990   

“Marketing Newspapers.” Marketplace. American Public Radio (Oct.): 1990   

“Marketing Radio.” Marketplace. American Public Radio (Nov.): 1990   

“Men Have It Better.” Marketplace. American Public Radio (Dec.): 1990

“New Diversity.” Marketplace. American Public Radio (1-22): 1989

“The Fetal Position.” Marketplace. American Public Radio (Feb.): 1989   

“The Old Women’s Movement.” Marketplace. American Public Radio (3-20): 1989   

“Ties That Bind.” Marketplace. American Public Radio (4-13): 1989   

“Volunteered Time.” Marketplace. American Public Radio (5-22): 1989   

“Women and the Financial Industry.” Marketplace. American Public Radio (7-26): 1989

“Women Entrepreneurs.” Marketplace. American Public Radio (7-26): 1989   

“Women Grin and Bear It.” Marketplace. American Public Radio (8-23): 1989   

“Women Have It Worse.” Marketplace. American Public Radio (10-11): 1989   

“Women’s Ads Market Drive.” Marketplace. American Public Radio (10-18): 1989   

Interdisciplinary Scholarship: Poetry


“Stream Excrement” SNR Review, 2008

“Tachycardia” Kiss Me Goodnight: Stories and Poems by Women Who Were Girls When Their Mothers Died. Ann O’Fallon and Margaret Vaillancourt, eds. Syren: Minneapolis, MN, 2004. pp. 67-77      

“Sleep” Hudson Valley Echoes 20 (Spring):12, 1991. LaGrangeville NY

“Last October” Sunrust 90 (Winter): 53. New Wilmington PA

Courses Taught


Composition 100

Composition 200 

Honors Classes

Flash Fiction 

Writing Workshops   

Analytical Writing

American Literature   

Creative Writing        

Children’s Literature

Intro to Literature   

Creative Nonfiction    

Short Story

Advanced Composition   

Women and Nature    

Modern Fiction

Writing Intensives   

Cinema Studies        

American Literature

Writing for the Media   

Media Ethics       

Mystery and Detective Fiction

College English   

Intro to Journalism    

World Lit I, II, III

Creative Nonfiction    

Modern FictionCollege    

English I, II

Idea Development    

Writing for Publication    

International English

Narrative Theory   

Writing Workshops





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