Call For Submissions

WritingUnderOath seeks scholarly articles that are:

1. Theories of nonfiction

2. Philosophies of accuracy

3. Collections of literary facts

Format, structure, and content guidelines can be gleaned by reading the articles printed herein. We encourage creativity in your articles; i.e. scholarly writing that can contain scene-by-scene construction, dialogue, setting, description, exposition, photography, illustration, figurative language, code, subjective ideas, videos, and anything else you can think of to depict the fact of an object, person, or place, in this case the definition of nonfiction, of accuracy, dare I say, of the truth of a written claim.

Remember that what you write about nonfiction is itself under oath. We hold your claims to be true and accurate, to be bonafide explanations of what constitutes a fact. It’s not easy to write a theory, to philosophize about nonfiction, to state a literary fact, to offer a definition of accuracy, and then to present that definition as accurately as possible. It’s never been done. Hence the need for a forum of articles that explains the stuff of literary nonfiction.

WritingUnderOath is a think tank and a clearing house of theories beautifully written by writers who love the elegance of reality and know how to depict it--the object of a fact--in the object of a nonfiction piece.

As a peer-reviewed scholarly journal we are always looking for articles on serious theories of nonfiction. We’d like to feature your article in one of the squares on our “Literary Grid.” Your article will be read by PhDs--doctors of literature, rhetoric & composition, creative writing, and print media--for consideration in WritingUnderOath. Your theory will receive notoriety and professionalism in the field of nonfiction.

Include in your submission a brief bio along with a JPEG photo that you would like to see in the literary grid box containing your article. Articles are published unedited in their entirety at the discretion of our readers. Please send articles for publishing consideration plus a non-refundable reading fee of $21 payable through PayPal via:


Call For Submissions

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